Review: Leverage i5 iPhone 5 Case from Graft Concepts

Graft Concepts Leverage i5 iPhone 5 Case Hinge


The case I’ve been searching high and low for. It arrived at work this afternoon.

Requirements for case:

  • Has metal on it
  • Looks cool
  • Less than $100
  • Doesn’t affect reception significantly
  • Able to be removed with tools
  • Protects the edges of the phone
  • Back/front won’t touch the surface of whatever I’m laying it on.
  • Back/front will be naked with bumper on

Leverage i5 from Graft Concepts: Fulfills all requirements above.

I went with the matte/black without the back cover. Ordered it from TekCases on eBay to save on shipping, they seem legit.

I’ll admit that I’ve had it for maybe only 8 hours but I’m totally in love with this thing. While indoors, my phone signal ranges from around -70 to -80. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll want to check this post out. I was on a conference call indoors for about 30 minutes and had no trouble. I will definitely update this post with more feedback regarding reception.

I’ve removed the case three times so far, and it’s been very simple. Cut outs for everything seem to work pretty well, I haven’t used earbuds on it. The mute/screen lock switch is not the easiest to reach, but I have no problems with it. Volume rocker and power/sleep button seems pretty solid.

I searched for so long for a case like this… until I stumbled onto this post! Pic spam follows:


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